AAUP in the Age of COVID-19

As educators, we face a unique and daunting challenge together as we try to make a bridge in midair between the classroom experiences we crafted with our students on campus, and the distance learning we are crafting during this time of crisis. As faculty at Loyola Marymount, we have the added responsibility (alongside our fellow educators in the Associate Jesuit Colleges and Universities) to care for the whole persons of our students, and each other, during this time. Once the dust from the transition has settled, a number of faculty have questions and concerns about larger issues pertaining to changes in curriculum and methods of instruction, shared governance, and job security. The AAUP has developed several guidelines for the university in the age of the global coronavirus pandemic, rooted in the long tradition of shared governance and academic freedom the AAUP has developed. Here are some links to resources:

AAUP Principles and Standards for the COID-19 Crisis

The AAUP Statement on COVID-19 and the Faculty Role in Decisionmaking

The AFT and AAUP Joint Principles for Higher Education Response to COVID-19